How to not have an ugly outfit!

This blog discussion is about 3 things you can do to keep you from having an ugly or bad outfit day.
The most challenging part about getting dressed for the day, is dressing the way you feel. Nine times out of ten if im not feeling my best it’ll show in the way I’m dressed. For example, if I wake up in a good mood (& I’m not running behind for work), my hair is looking good (one less task to tackle), and I’ve said my prayer for the day.
Oh sis, Better believe my outfit is going to be on POINT.
Now, let’s be realistic, how many days out of the year we are getting out of bed feeling motivated ?
Yeah, probably less than half a year (or at least for me it’s like that). Chances are If you’re not feeling it (whatever it is), you’re probably not going to put the extra effort into being on time, doing your hair, or finding something cute to wear.
3 Tips
So, to keep me from having a” Bad Fit (outfit) Day” here are 3 things I do to keep from feeling embarrassed about running into an old classmate or just to have a goood start to my day..
1: Pick out clothes the night before
2: Invest in sets (and casual dresses)
3: Put on something familiar
1. Picking out clothes the night before allows you to breathe a little the next morning. There’s already a boat load to do in the day, why not relieve some stress? You wouldn’t have to go through the process of eliminating pieces and junking up your room and/or closet. Now look, more mess to clean and more stress has been added to your “ bunch of shit to do” list. Trust me I’ve been there…
2. Invest in sets (& dresses) … I can’t tell you how many times when I did not feel like getting out of bed but I knew I still had to show up. Sets. In the beginning I was soooooo against sets.. I hated the idea of being “matchy matchy” I ABSOLUTELY hate a “matchy matchy” styling personality (Matchy-Matchy is used to describe something or someone that is very or excessively colour coordinated and consists of too many of the same types of colors, patterns, fabrics, accessories, etc. )
but boy oh boy.. having sets have changed my LIFE! If I’m having a bad day and just can’t get out of that “funk” I put on a set and I’m telling you your mood will change, EVERY TIME. You’ll start to feel a little more put together, confident, and just damn good. You’ll even find yourself giving your hair a little more effort. It’s kinda like putting in effort without putting in effort (If that makes sense lol)
2. Put on your favorite “go to” piece… ( what do you mean?) Ok, for example, we all have that favorite piece of clothing we love. You are most likely familiar with how it fits and you’re pretty comfortable (and confident) in it. It’ll save you so much time and energy.
Studies have shown that people who are well dressed are more productive in their day. So, those jeans you love that hugs your butt the right way. GIRL! Put 👏🏾 it 👏🏾on👏🏾!
you’ll feel like you have all you need to tackle the day and in the end we have a “bunch of shit to do” list to tackle.
Remember, being yourself is what’s most important. So be you unapologetically.
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